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The ASL is directed towards helping residents develop the sobriety skills needed to maintain a long-term contented drug free lifestyle.

Upon entering the ASL, the primary focus is integration into a structured living environment. The residents are assisted in utilizing a peer support system made up entirely of fellow addicts in recovery.

During this time, the focus is to identify any incidental issues which may have occurred before the onset of chemical addiction. Such issues include Adult Children of Alcoholics, self-esteem, abuse, grief and other related issues.

Once the resident has demonstrated the ability to rely on his peers to process life’s struggles, he is ready to grow. Now the resident is aided in expanding his new-found skills of peer reliance into the larger support groups of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Treatment now focuses on helping the resident address his issues and “wreckage of the past” associated with drug and alcohol abuse. This includes interpersonal relationships with family, employers, as well as legal and financial responsibilities.

Finally, the resident is taught leadership skills and becomes a “Senior Peer” to newly arriving residents.

The resident begins preparations for completion of treatment, and to have in place the support needed to afford long lasting contented sobriety


Individualized Treatment

Length of substance abuse and addiction treatment varies with the needs of each resident . The  resident  may stay in our Recovery Houses up to one year if needed.

Immediate Peer Support Group

All c residents at the ASL attend meetings together and assist each other in various areas of need.

Aid for Drug-Related Problems

 Resident  are supported with family stress matters. Legal support is offered in the form of court appearances or letters written on behalf of the resident . Interfacing with legal personnel, such as probation officers, is also offered.

Sober Social Skills Enhancement

Residents are encouraged to participate with one another in social events such as softball, basketball, cookouts, weight lifting, camping, etc. The ASL sponsors a yearly canoe trip on the Saco River for all residents and graduates.

Individual and Group Therapy

Counseling focuses on personal issues, relapse prevention, stress reduction and interpersonal issues in family matters, etc.

Answer is Fitness Membership

All  resident  become immediate members of Answer is Fitness as part of their residency

MASH Certified

The ASL is a certified Sober Home with MASH (Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing).  The MASH/NARR Standards promote safe living environments and community-based networking of quality recovery support services for those with substance abuse disorders. MASH Certification of Massachusetts sober homes meeting the NARR Standards ensures an availability of recovery-oriented housing to meet the needs of persons in recovery. 


- Two Houses

- Two man and single bedrooms

- On-site fitness room

- Two bathrooms in each house

- Large eating and dining rooms

- Central Air, Heat, electricity and hot water included

- Paid local telephone privileges

- 56” wide screen color T.V's with cable, house computers and Wi-FI access.

- Shopping, laundry and public library within walking distance

- Off street parking

- On direct route of GATRA bus line

- Free Answer is Fitness Membership


"My Father, Ron, established the Association for Sober Living over the last 20 years of his life. Helping others get sober and get their lives back on track was so much of his own recovery and gave deep meaning to his life. I first got to know Mike in those last years of my Father's life when he was working as the house manager and feel lucky to have witnessed the steady persistence he has demonstrated in running the house since my Father's death in 2006. Running a Sober House is no easy task, as I'm sure Mike would agree,  but I've been deeply impressed by Mikes commitment to the work through all the ups and downs and have been honored to be a part, in the tiniest of ways, in an institution that has brought hope to the lives of so many people."

-Paul LeGendre: Son of Ron LeGendre, founder of the ASL

" It's difficult to put in words how much my life has turned around since entering into the ASL in February of 2009. Mike's guidance, while in and out of the house, has been monumental not only for me but for my whole family. I've been able to begin and maintain a life that I had written off as a possibility, and it all started with the structure and help I received as a resident. Walking into a Sober House is never someone's proudest moment, but graduating here is definitely one of mine. This place is more than treatment, it's a family. A brotherhood that never fades away. I'm forever grateful to Ron L. for making it all possible for addicts like me to recover."- Adam C. 2/26/09 sober 10 years 

“The ASL literally saved my life. I entered this house hopeless, at my absolute rock bottom. In just a few months, I was provided the support, tools, and opportunity to recover and begin living again. Everything I have today is due to the ASL.” -Mike M. 7/2/10 sober 9 years 

 "I came to the ASL at age 23 beaten down and broken due to my drug addiction. My family had enough of watching me relapse and ruin my life, along with theirs. Every attempt to get clean up to this point had failed, I was hopeless and I felt as if my chances were running out. After coming to the ASL I found something that I hadn't had for a long time,hope. Hope that I could stay sober and that my life could get better. The ASL was a great structural environment which pushed me to get involved in the twelve steps of AA, taught me how to live sober, and helped me to move my life in a positive direction. Today I am three and a half years clean and sober, and I live a happy and healthy life. I'm still involved with AA and stay connected with the ASL sober house. My family has their peace of mind back and they are very proud of me. I recently bought a house with my girlfriend and we are expecting a baby boy any day now. I have a promising career that I would never have if it wasn't for my sobriety. To put it simply, I am very happy with who I am and where I am today. I feel extremely grateful for the sober house because I truly believe they saved my life." Steve W. 12/26/13 sober 5 years

"I spent half of my life not feeling normal using drugs and alcohol to feel good. When I arrived at the ASL I was welcomed in and I felt like I was home again. It was a great time and a great place to get my life back." -Beau 1/19/16 sober 3 years

"The House gave me the tools I never had to live a happy contented sober life by teaching me how to be an active member of the 12 Step program the way it's laid out which is all required by being a resident at the ASL. I have a life second to none thanks to the ASL". -Mike C. 5/24/15 sober 4 years

" When I came to the ASL drugs and alcohol had taken over my life. I had no idea what I was getting into coming out of my first detox and strait to the house. I was greeted by a number of guys and felt welcome rite away. The structure of the ASL gave me a solid foundation in AA and the brother hood in the house helped me to learn how to live a normal life again. I now have a year and a half sober and have my family back and a whole new family that consists of solid ASL Alumni. I will be forever grateful to the ASL and Mike and will always remain connected to the house."
Scott B 12/15/15 sober 3 years

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